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The panels in Black Ink will contain the parameters for certain Black Ink tools.


Below, you will find a list of the various panels accessible in Black Ink. They are also listed within the software under Menu_Bar>Window.

Panel Default Shortcut Description
Secondary View U This panel provides a secondary view of the current document.
Brush Preview Ctrl+P This panel allows you to see exactly what the currently selected brush would produce with a given stroke. Useful when you want to fine-tune a brush.
Brush Manager M This panel will allow you to manage and organize your brush library.
Tool Parameters Shift+T This panel displays the parameters of the currently selected tool.
Controllers Editor C This panel allows you to create behaviors for the brushes.
Brush Pixel Shader Editor Ctrl+B This panel is a code editor for the BSL of the currently selected brush.
Layer Editor L This panel allows you to edit the current structure of the layers in a document.
Layer Operator properties Ctrl+L This panel allows you to edit the parameters of the currently selected operator or operators
Global Colors This panel displays the global colors.
Preferences Ctrl+Shift+P This panel displays Black Ink preferences.
Log I This panel displays Black Ink Log.



Panels can be placed in several ways within Black Ink. This should allow the user to create their own interface to be comfortable with what they want to do with Black Ink.

In any case, there are three panel docking areas on the Main View: on the left, on the right, and at the bottom. These docking areas are important because there are three shortcuts that allow you to quickly hide or show the panels located within them.

Shortcut Command Name / Description
Ctrl+Left Arrow toggle display of the left layout panel
Ctrl+Down Arrow toggle display of the bottom layout panel
Ctrl+Right Arrow toggle display of the right layout panel

Additionally, you can "undock" a panel from its location by dragging it while clicking on its title tab. When you move it, a floating window associated with Black Ink is created. If you move this window to a possible docking location, it becomes semi-transparent, and an orange line appears at the docking destination to mark where you can place it. If there are any placement ambiguities, simply move along this orange line, and multiple placement solutions will appear. If you move directly onto header tabs, the panel will immediately take its place, and you can then reorder the panel's position there.

Watch the video below for the different possible docking options:


You can save or reload your panel arrangement by going to the Preferences.