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Icon Layer


Draw freely on a layer, covering it completely or leaving areas transparent.
Each layer has its own existence, and its size is calculated based on its content.


Layer example


Preserve transparency

Icon transparency

When drawing on the layer, the strokes and blank spaces will be preserved.
You can only paint on the areas that have already been painted, thus changing their colors.

Transparency example

Lock layer write in

Icon lock write in

Drawing on it is not possible; the layer is protected from any strokes.
In the drawing view a cursor indicates that it is not allowed.

Lock write in example

Lock layer transformation

Icon lock transform

It's impossible to move or deform the layer using the transformation tool.



Each layer has an automatic size based on the drawn area.
The size can even exceed the canvas size, as the entire layer is preserved.

Size example


The position gives the coordinates of the layer starting from the top-left corner of the canvas frame.


Red (R), green (G), and blue (B) determine the color of each pixel, and alpha (A) controls the transparency of the image.
By combining these four components, the RGBA mode allows representing a wide range of colors and transparencies.

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