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Main Canvas View

Black Ink Main View

It's the main editing area of Black Ink where the currently edited document is displayed.

Tool Interaction

By default, we will have the Brush Tool enabled, which allows you to draw with the mouse or a stylus in the view. However, other tools can be activated, which will display specific gizmos based on the actions to be performed.

Here are some basic gizmos that can be used in conjunction with the current brush tool:

Brush Opacity

Alpha Gizmo

This gizmo allows you to quickly set the brush opacity. To activate it, you need to hold down the D.

Brush Size

Alpha Size

By moving the cursor set the size of the brush. To activate it, you need to hold down the S.


Alpha Gizmo

Adjusts the smoothing level for the stroke made on the view. To activate it, you need to hold down the Z.


There are several ways to invoke the Eraser on the View:

  • By flipping the stylus, which has a virtual eraser.
  • By pressing the shortcut E, which will switch the current brush to the eraser.
  • By holding down the E key, which will temporarily transform the brush into an eraser.

Alpha Gizmo

Note that the cursor turns red when switching to the Eraser,


By holding down the Alt key, the Eyedropper tool becomes active, allowing us to pick any color from a Black Ink window. It will then replace the color of the Global Foreground color

Alpha Gizmo

View Navigation

Move the View

Here's how to move the View:

  • Press and hold the middle mouse button.
  • Hold down the Space and move the mouse/stylus.

Default movement shortcuts:

Shortcut Command Name / Description
Ctrl+Space Center view. place view at canvas center

Zoom View

Here are the different ways to zoom the view:

  • Using the mouse wheel, you can zoom in or out of the view.
  • By holding down the Q and moving the mouse.

Default zoom shortcuts:

Shortcut Command Name / Description
Num + Zoom In the view
Num - Zoom Out the view
Ctrl+Num 0 Fit On Screen. Zoom the document to fit the working area
Ctrl+Num 1 100% Zoom. Reset Zoom Level
Ctrl+Num 2 Layer fits on screen. Zoom the document to fit current selected layer content
Ctrl+Num 3 All layers fit on screen. Zoom the document to fit all visible layers content

Rotate View

Here's how to rotate the View:

  • Hold down the R and move the mouse/stylus. If you also press the Shift, the rotation will snap to 15-degree angles.

Default rotate shortcuts:

Shortcut Command Name / Description
Ctrl+Shift+R Remove rotation. reset view orientation

View Options

It is possible to enable certain options for the view:

Shortcut Command Name / Description
Y Constant screen brush size. Toggle the state that makes brush size depends on view zoom level or not
Shift+C Crop out of canvas. Toggle cropping content out of drawing canvas
F Flip the view horizontally.
Shift+F Flip the view vertically.

You can see this option directly on the top bar of the window


In the Main View, you can visualize the current selection. The selection is an area in the view that can be modified and copied at will (using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V). Generally, you should use the W shortcut to activate the selection tool, which allows you to create a selection area. Once created, this area is visualized by animated dashed borders. You can then draw freely, but only the pixels within the selection will be modified. Other selection tools are available and can be found here.

You can modify the appearance of the selection in the preferences.


It is possible to drag and drop elements into the Main Canvas View.

  • If you use the file explorer and drag & drop a .BKD, Black Ink will ask you to open it to replace the current document.
  • If you drag & drop a simple image file (such as .JPG, .PNG, or others), Black Ink will import it directly into the current layer. You can then position the image before confirming and continue working.


Be aware that the Drawing focus must be on a "standard" Layer for this to work. If you haven't selected a Layer, the operation may fail.