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The crop tool allows you to crop, resize, rotate, and flip a drawing.

It is located in the Main toolbar.

Crop tool

Here's a video example of using the crop tool along with its customization in Preferences panel.

At Launch

When launched, a frame appears in the main view (and in the Secondary view if it is active).

Crop view

The frame size is indicated both in the Quick settings bar and in the Tool parameters panel.

Quick settings bar

Crop quick parameter

Tool parameter panel

Crop tool parameter

Crop interactions in view


By grabbing an edge of the frame, you can resize the width or the height of your document.

Crop scale

Resize uniformly

By taking a corner, you can resize with the current ratio.

Crop scale ratio small Crop scale ratio large


Being in the center allows you to move it.

Crop move


Being outside allows you to orient it differently.

Crop rotate

In the tool parameter panel

Crop menu

At the top left, by clicking on the Crop icon, there is the following menu.

Crop menu

Crop menu Description
Restore Restores the document to its initial size.
Unit/resolution Displays the values of the crop frame.
Handles/Frame Goes to preferences to customize the crop display.
Help Redirects to tool documentation.

Crop preview

Then the crop preview area, which is interactive too, like in view.

Crop preview

Crop actions

Next, the restore, cancel, or apply buttons.

Crop apply

Action Description
Restore Restores the document to its initial size.
Cancel Exits the crop tool without applying changes
Apply Exits the crop tool applying the modifications.

Adjustment area

Finally, the various adjustment area, with values or buttons for quicker adjustments.

Crop apply


Crop ratio

For the moment ratio are : Free, Original ratio, 1x1, 1x2, 4x3, 16x9, 16x10, A4 paper.

Fit allows readjusting the frame based on the width or height of the drawing, while preserving the previously defined ratio.


Crop size

Size elements Description
Link on If the link icon is active, the ratio will be maintained. So, if one value is entered, the other will be calculated automatically.
Link off If the link icon is not active, then width or height value can be entered independently.
W Width value
H Height value
Flip horizontal Flip horizontally
Flip vertical Flip vertically


To flip a drawing, it's a reversed value. For example, if my drawing is 2000px wide, I would enter the value -2000px to flip it. But for a quicker way, there are these buttons seen above.


Crop position

The x and y coordinates of the frame can be directly entered here.

The square divided into 9 parts represents the canvas and determines current coordinates (top-left, center of the drawing, bottom-right, etc.). The pivot point and the frame will automatically snap to these coordinates.


Crop rotation

Rotation elements Description
Crop angle Angle value
Crop snap Snap angle On/Off and a value which provides a constraint for rotation
Crop -90 90° counter clockwise rotation
Crop 90 90° clockwise rotation
Crop 180 180° rotation
Crop reset Reset rotation

Customize crop display

To customize the display of the crop (frame, handles, ...), go to Preferences, specifically in the Helpers section.