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The Log panel allows you to view messages and some of the activity in Black Ink. It can help you detect issues by examining what's happening and can be a valuable aid in debugging.


The log can quickly contain a lot of information. Fortunately, it is possible to search within it.



Reveal Log in Explorer. By clicking this button, Black Ink will open a file explorer at the location of the log file BlackInk.log.

Message View


In the message view, you can:

  • Reverse the order in which messages are displayed (most recent first or most recent last, according to your preference).
  • Filter specific types of messages from the list:
    • Debug displays debugging messages (mostly relevant to Black Ink developers) highlighted in white.
    • Error shows error messages highlighted in red.
    • Info displays normal informational messages.
    • Warning presents warning messages highlighted in orange.

Additionally, you can click and hold the left button in the view to move it in any direction.