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Main Toolbar

Main Toolbar

This area displays the currently selected tool in Black Ink, along with the active Foreground and Background colors. To activate a tool, click its respective icon. Exiting a tool can be done through various methods (validation, pressing Esc, or clicking the icon again), and in such cases, the default tool that takes its place is the Brush Tool.

By default, the Main Tool bar contains these tools:

Drawing Tools

Brush Tool
Eraser Tool
EyeDropper Tool


PaintBucket Tool
FX Tool

Selection tools

Magicwand Tool
RectSelection Tool
LassoSelection Tool
Selection Tool

Image & layer tools

Transform Tool
Crop Tool

View tools

MoveView Tool
ZoomView Tool
RotateView Tool

Global Color

Global Colors are easily accessible to all tools and brushes in Black Ink. This means that these tools and brushes can reference them when they need color data.

By clicking on the color square, you can choose a global color. It's possible to quickly swap the Foreground and Background colors by clicking on the double arrow located at the top right of the squares.
FlipVertical sample