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The Layer Editor in Black Ink uses a nodal system, providing both non-destructive functionality and considerable flexibility for creations.
To compose an image, various operators are available and organized into six families: Output, Source, Adjustment, Mix, Effects, and Transformation.

Here is a list of the operators available in Black Ink:

Operator Description
OUTPUT This type of operator allows finalizing a step or a drawing.
Output image This generates the final image of the drawing and cannot be connected to another node afterward.
SOURCE A source operator is the initial input data used in a creative process.
Layer Grayscale
Layer Draw freely on a layer, covering it or leaving areas transparent.
Layer Stack
TRANSFORM The transformation operators enable moving, rotating, scaling, repeating, cycling a source,...
Domain Wrap Domain wrap allows for easy cycling of a drawing.
Symmetry The symmetry operator allows drawing with an adjustable symmetry axis without being destructive.
Tiling The operator allows you to duplicate a drawing as a pattern and define a spacing between each repetition.
Brightness & Contrast
Color Channel
Color overlay
Color posterization
Color select
Gradient map