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Nice update including Symmetry and DomainWrap operators.

We've also fixed and improved the Tiling operator (which could generate 'holes' on loops). This is no longer the case. There's an option now to mirror along the X or Y axis to create cool repetitive patterns.

The Symmetry operator has been one of the most requested features since the inception of Black Ink... and it's finally here. Good things come to those who wait.

The DomainWrap operator is handy for creating seamlessly tiling textures. It folds any texture onto itself, blending different layers if necessary, ensuring a texture with perfect tiling.

Once applied, these operators can also leave a discreet Gizmo on the Canvas view to visualize their effect area.

Of course, all of this is non-destructive and updated in real-time. You can always go back to tweak their parameters, effect areas, etc.

For a comprehensive list of bugs fixed, improvements, or new features, I invite you to check out our ChangeLog.