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Interactive brush preview and its player




Interactive brush preview and its player








Interactive brush preview






The Brush Preview windows reflects the changes you make in the brush parameters in real time.

Default drawing


Default drawing used to visualize brushes.

Examples of other brushes:


Preview hovered

If the brush preview area is hovered, a black and white gradient on the right side of the drawing zone appears.


Changes made on the brush preview are reflected in the brush history:

Modify background color of the preview

When you choose a value in the gradient bar, the background color of the brush preview is affected.


Thumbnail in the brush history



Replace the default preview stroke

It is also possible to replace the default preview stroke by drawing directly in the preview area.

All previews will be updated with your latest stroke.


With this you can adjust brush settings according to your drawing style.


Thumbnail in the brush historic








Brush preview's player






This player is used for dynamic brushes.


Play the brush preview animation


Reset the brush preview drawing


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