BlackInk Manual


Coming up in brush parameters



These elements will be present in the release version of Black Ink



Brush Management


Brush management menu (Save, delete, add brushes, ...)

Search tool

Add comments to brushes to easily find them in the collection



Brush Preview


Brush preview history

When putting the cursor over a thumbnail its content is displayed in the preview area.

Ability to drag & drop to save the settings in the brush management

The colors are no longer included in this history


Brush preview menu

Ability to save your brushes.

Transform a brush into an eraser or an eraser into a brush.




Manual choice of the controller associated with each brush parameter.


Controller families

Wide choice of controllers : speed, pressure, random, time..


Create and manage templates

Curve editor

Save, delete, add settings

Search tool





Blending color option to spread your colors

Color blending type (color, normal, multiply, additive, ...)